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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hello Kitty Black Wonder

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Not Only at Hong Kong, Malaysia also have now..
have a try and share the experience!

Hello Kitty Black Wonder

if u really love kitty, please..please & please rescue the hello kitty & friends
Tasked with rescuing Hello Kitty by solving challenges and puzzles interactively. 
u are given a lantern embedded with a sensor that tracked the progress of saving 
Hello Kitty and at the end, tallied a final score of their journey.

meh aku bagi tips & trick untuk task ni
senang gila! next time uolls pergi sana dah tau cara macam mana nak cari jawapan,
untung-untung terus menang kan? hehe

zeera's journey on 31.12.2012


* with the lantern, start answer 3 simple question at the machine (as picture above) & get the clue! The clue of the black symbols. After get the symbols.. here they go.. 
*this is my black symbol 

Task : Find the 5 letters besides this symbol, rearrange to be a 1 word at the end

before started, tetiba lantern tu jatuh, nasib baik tak pecah..
opsss alamak, tengok kitty tu dah marah..errr..

start counting the time spent in the maze

*onyomart, getsetgoooo...
uolls cari la jawapan di setiap sudut dalam ni mesti jumpa punya la..

telaga keramat 
1st letter ! K
bilik zaman purba... zoom in the jar...

2nd letter ! C

di sebalik Hello Kitty statue

3rd letter ! B
 at the wine cellar, Just like Braille & find the 4th letter! A

magic light & see.. i found the 5th! L

yaaaay ! get all the letters & rearrange
Key in the word and the result on screen ...

yeeey, saya menang.. dapat Sijil dari Hello Kitty..yes! Kenangan sunggoh la


  1. wow... menarik game nih
    siap dapat cert lagi tu
    best best

    1. hee.. soalan2 & clue sng2 je..
      jnji faham rules.. =)


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