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Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby room at Setia City Mall

cute faces from Anaqi.. lols.. its a signal when he 'uh uh yak' .. so funny...
ok! its time for changing baby.. lets get the right places.

hot and cold water tap for wash 
hot and cold water dispensers for free
baby changing stations and children's restrooms they got 2 side, one for low sitting (green sofa)
and another one for mom standing.. where i put Anaqi here for change diapers.. 
such a comfy place a baby to laid on..
Parent's rooms with private nursing cubicles for breast feeding mom.  
A chair with the standing for leg rest is provided.
happy faces.. till we come again, xoxo


  1. Assalamualaikum zeera. wahhh bestnya. belum pernah mai lagi sini.. heeee baguslah ada changing room kan. senang kerja ibu2 ni ~~~

    1. kn... ibu nk rehat dduk pun sng.. ada 3 bilik.. biasa x crowded sgt pun mcm ikea..huhuhu

  2. skg ni asal g mall jea tmpt paling suka cari nursing and changing diapers room.hehehee. tp ni yg paling menarik niii

    1. best.. semua ada...mcm nursing roon kt hospital private


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