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Friday, May 15, 2015

Afeef Anaqi First Birthday

Entry by Afeef Anaqi

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ 

Assalamualaikum (been taught by mama things before start to say bismillah and meeting anyone with salam) and hello everybody... As for today, i'm spamming my mama's blog to share my story during my first celebration.. Awesome ! Thank you mama, ayah, atuk, nenek, acu, acik, fellow family, friends, and relatives for coming and support.. and not forgotten for the amazing gift..

Like it hundred times “thumbs up”

mama the one who blow the ballooo.. Not really... Not blowing but pumping... Manual foot pump. So gigih and rajin... muaaah ciked please... that why no one that I love the most but u, mom... (Huh… really?) yes.. and then next.. who? Mother.. who? Mother again.. next? still Mother… then father comes after.. this is not bias okay but the lesson what religion does. 
 I love balloons.. how I wish every day is a party… so I can play all day long… 
Playing is our right (Milo TV commercials break) So, enjoying your childhood times…

 Lough out loud... louder... louder... and................. louder Happy teeth catching the camera *wink 
Mama love to candid... do I looks like a little hero? Perhaps I am too cute. 

-The Party Started-

   meet my friend.. Zahrain Anaqi.. we are the Anaqi's.. He is so cute bambam isn't it? 10 month and still counting for his first birthday.. Do read their story at My Memories

 do it yourself candy booth for cutting cakes... see? simple but look nice right? They got apam beras, marshmellow, yoghurt stick, baby macaroon, sweets, drinking water, jelly beans, rock chocolates, choco fondue, nuts and swirl lollipop..

simple yet nice table decoration... this is me when i was born.. bambam cheek one with sepet eyes.. if i look out at the schedule, the party start at 3pm but extended to 4pm.. well.. my family relatives did the prayer and tahlil beforehand.. altogether pray asar and recite the dua' hoping for the bless from Allah and the way we share the grateful feelings.. Alhamdulillah..

 thank you mama for the great decorative cake order.. Made by Ekin's Bakery with reasonable price.. do pm if you are interested okay... the taste is so yummy... but i cant eat a lot.. well said, its not good for baby

i love marshmallow but mama said.. 'u can have it one time only' because it too sweet... high sugar.. non-nutritious foods...  not recommended at all.. 

before the sun goes up.. Im taking bath for a second.. while the neighbors still come and eat and eat and eat... right after bath, not complete  wearing clothes,  i run from mama to get play with lisa surihani... kikiki... lisa stay just 5 meter from home... we always play together when my cousin Naufal is not around... sobs...

my bikbiks cum mama's cousin... the food hunter and food lover.. see?? love all of you from the bottom of my heart.. deeply. Btw, where is my photo with both atok and nenek??????

- crying like rain -


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