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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe Review

If u are at the Sunway Pyramis Shopping Centre. Coach outlet area. There is a exit door to the outside lane (Orange Area).. get into that line and turn to the right, you will see the big signage of the cute Hello Kitty faces welcoming to you.

Before you enter,

The staff will ask you: would you like to have lunch or dessert? (cake and tea).

 For lunch, they will lead you to the upper level. 

We choose to have just dessert, so we are seated at the corner end sofa area on the ground floor

kerusi dia.. comel betul.. cushion cam ni mana nak beli ye? rasa kat ike tak de jual.. ade budak taknak duduk diam pula.. geramnya mi mi.. agaknya dia pun geram dengan cafe yang comel ni..

hello kitty decorative cake 

for dessert, cuba la nak makan benda alah yang dipanggil 'smoke salmon' ni.. comel dah decorative dia.. bentuk ribbon.. tapi tak sangka gini rupanya.. sayur potong dadu guna slap chop aganya pastu salmon tu polong slice halus sikit and gulung-gulung jadi rupa bunga.. alahh... serupo maknan kucing dah (icon pfftt)

zoom ciked kasi clear

the rest.. tengok gamber je ye.. sebab tempat ni memang sesuai untuk kaki selfie

Cake & Coffee (Downstair) view :

Dining (Upstair) view :

Till we come again!


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