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Monday, March 07, 2016

Twenty & Co. review ikhlas


near location with the office in Shah Alam. Twenty&co. is a restaurant and coffee house located on a busy corner site in Plaza Azalea, Section 14. With glazed frontage on a new building, overlooking the market and a bustling Shah Alam intersection.


Twenty&co. was established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Abra Corp Sdn. Bhd. The name is a reflection of the founder’s own life experiences, symbolizing the success throughout years of establishment. This new venture shares the same energy, with a vision and mission statement towards quality.

Providing Great Environment and making Great Connections with customers is the main focus for us, and you can see it in the meticulous details we put in your efforts. Good food, good drinks and great people, we have it all here. To enhance your experience, a cigar lounge is provided, whether just for a good chat or for a power meeting. Carefully selected cigars are available, making for a relaxing environment which we hope would make this establishment feel like a second home to you.

Twenty&co. is set to deliver the best experience for you and every detail of your visit counts. Feel free to tell us your experience. If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. Ask away. There is no reasonable question that our team can not answer. Our Chef & his team of talented cooks have created an array of dishes using the finest seasonal produce. Taking inspirations from dishes all around the world, all the foods on our menu are designed to be shared. Using the finest local farm produce and healthy raw meats that are prepared daily, paired with special homegrown ingredients, so good you have to try it yourself! Gastro is a Greek word that means “to combine”, so here at Twenty&Co we try to fuse Asian flavours with Western flavours. With 12 years of experience, Our Chef will surely be able to satisfy your taste buds with his cooking skills. Our menu caters brunch, sandwiches, pastas, noodles, bar snacks, salads and of course a selection of main courses. From the famous Roti Titab (Egg & Toast) to the well-known Mee Goreng Mamak, we have it all here. If you feel like having laksa, you can try our Laksa Johor or if you feel like having a taste of salmon, you may try out our Grilled Salmon with Pasta or Smoke Salmon Sandwich, it will surely make your tummy happy!


they are having a farewell party.. for me (zeera) and fara.. us, former as a colleagues.. but now.. everyone have the own path and life to move on... so, chilll, dont stress, no cry.. just enjoice!

hope this friendship last forever.. muuahh...

girls are on the celebrations.. wehuuu...


sort of the menu... the best potato dip on earth...

salted chicken wing.... most recommended menu... i never had this meal before but the taste was so sooooooo marvelous, tasty!

 another 3 menu was the first thing inserted to the mouth.. cannot go with that photo

for a party.. recommended to made a booking prior in order to secure your place.. also, you could request for the decorations and themes.. you name it, inshallah they will make it

this moment of time, priceless

till we meet again, dear friendsss...

little promo on the bella ammara blouse "tweed structred blouse"

mana nak buat farewell, any parties, birthday, luncheon or dinner yang best area Shah Alam, Klang or Kl? just look around to Shah Alam nearby N'dah place, Darul Ehsan Medical Centre (DEMC) area..
to be accurate, the same row of CIMB Bank, Section 14, Shah Alam  (Plaza Azalea)

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