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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hijabista x Sugarscarf x ZA event

Dan hari ini kami memeriahkan hari minggu kami dengan Pout Out Proud Party bersama Sugarscarf, Hijabista dan ZA Cosmetics. bersama kawan yang selalu teman pergi event sana sini.. 

Private party time for the Sugarscarf lover

guess where is the place?

brought to you by ZA cosmetics for makeup session

Semasa sesi makeup demo dan hijab styling berlangsung

hi-tea at the evening.. and Sugarscarf Hijab as a gift.. thank you so much..

Seronok dapat berjumpa dan berkenalan dengan kawan-kawan baru.. Most of them are social media influencer, muslimah models and celebrities.. Before end, a photo session with the hijabers

lets boomb the cafe with the goodies bag to bring back home

The private event was ended successfully at Fullhouse Sunway Pyramid. Dare to play with them.


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