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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Nada turns 2

Happy Birthday Nada!!! by the way, where's Nada? 



oh, lets have sword fight with Kael

again, where's Nada?

Hi mascot.. i tengok dari jauh la ya..

This is Nada... have a blast Nada.. you are turning two today.. be a good girl to your mom and dad.. Thanks for inviting! I have got a set of happy meals, gift and balloons.. Thanks Aunty..

Mummy and friend.. sekejap mama, mummy, mimi.. sometimes kakak pun ade Afeef panggil mak Afeef ni.. haha

Mama and her BFF

Yeah... my friends Tasha and Kael

bagi chance la mummy nak berjimba dengan kwan-kawan dia.. nice tak?

Its a wrap! Se u again.

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