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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Border Lace Murah

click untuk stok terbaru 2014

- updated : 18 September 2013

Price range from RM30 - RM50 only
(depends on design & size)
gold + orange (RM 30) 

soft gold (RM30)

other available colour : red, green, purple, yellow, grey, baby blue (pre-order)
lain2 colour pilihan : merah, hijau, unggu, kuning, kelabu, biru (order dulu)

Limited edition black (RM 40)

Silver (RM 40) (sold out! hah x dapek nk nolong)

baby pink : (RM 30) sold out!

baby Blue  (sold out!)
Bridal Lace  sold out!

material : soft n very strechable

price : RM50/meter

white (sold out!)

sample lace yg da siap psg pg baju...

nice & glamour rite?

patching lace ideas ^_^

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tq so much pd supporter & customer ...
nex time mai beli lg~

update : 01 june 2013

Tempahan Baju Kurung

baju kurung + d.i.y patch emboidery, lace , beads & pearl project..

pls whatsApp / sms : 018 - 2428933 (klang & shah alam shj)

accepting tempahan:

♥ Baju Kurung Biasa / Lis
♥ Baju Kurung Kanak2
♥ Baju Kurung Pesak Gantung
♥ Kain Selisih Depan
♥ patch emboidery, lace , beads & pearl (simple)

senang je, bg kain n baju contoh (ready-made)
xperlu nk amik measurement lg.. ok
and of course at reasonable price $

d.i.y project
patch emboidery, lace , beads & pearl samples

sample tempahan baju kurung & lagi...

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