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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Nita Cosmetics X Fashion Valet

Get to know Nita Cosmetics!

Nita Cosmetics is the latest cosmetics brand to hit the town! Fun, quirky, unapologetically upbeat, Nita Cosmetics is the perfect cosmetics line for young women who want to add zest and colour into their everyday lives. Agree me that i look younger than my age.. hiks..

 Explore the world through Nita's eyes and share her experiences of new cultures and adventures!

After Lips and Eyes range of product, Nita Cosmetics move forward with the new release 5 in 1 product called Glimmer. It's a Multi-purpose products can be used as highlighter, eye-shadow, lip colour, blusher and body illuminator that creates a radiant glow with a luminous wash of shimmering colour in achieving the ultimate fresh face and body look. Contain hypoallergenic formulas on its own compared to other brands. 

Glimmer comes with 3 different shades. Glimmer Rohani Highlighter In Peach Cream

Glimmer Hasnah Highlighter In Bronze. Formulated lacally and Made in Malaysia.

Glimmer Latifah Highlighter In Rose Gold. What a classy names of them all!

Glimmer Ingredients: Paraffinum liquidum, Diisostearyl Malate, Bismuth Oxychloride, Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate, Dextrin Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Tin Oxide, Alumina, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Silica. 

It is pigmented and gives a lively, dewy glow in one swipe and blend application. You can use by mix it with foundation or use alone on cheekbones, brow bones and the body especially your collar-bone!

“Nita Cosmetics is the personification, or embodiment, of every young woman out there who has dreams of seeing the world, and who wants to live every day to the fullest,” says Aznita.

Manariknya Nita Cosmetis, ia menggunakan label serta nama bagi setiap product di bawah Nita Cosmetics dengan nama-nama klasik. Not only glimmer, i'm going to try out the lipstick. Kopi Susu Warung Matte Liquid Lipstick in Chestnut Nude.

It feels light and creamy on application and has great pigmentation on my lips. Muuuahh..

Founder story: In 2016, Aznita Azman founded the Kuala Lumpur-based brand, as well as the character ‘NITA’, as a means of sharing her love of all things exciting, fun, and new. Each product is a thoughtful and heartfelt reflection of each of her experiences. Share her adventures as she travels the world, as each product line reflects the sights and sensations of all the places she visits.

Nita Cosmetics proudly incorporates local customs, traditions, and even cuisine, into the names and packaging of the products. “The first line of products to be released during the launch will have a truly Malaysian feel, because each journey begins from home,” says Aznita.

Nita Cosmetics carries a wide range of makeup products to suit all skin tones, all at an accessible price. So tell me, how about my look using Nita Cosmetics? Easily can find to the Fashion Valet website https://www.fashionvalet.com/nitacosmetics and give your opinion about Nita Cosmetics.


Saturday, September 08, 2018

NIA Unity by YB Nurul Izzah

Adrianna Yariqa thrives on fashion excellence for the modern women. Inspired by ethnic Malay designs and elegance. Launching of Adrianna Yariqa Women Empowerment collection collaboration with Nurul Izzah Anwar Unity (NIA Unity) initiative by YB Nurul Izzah held on Fashion Valet, Pavilion KL. With the tagline from woman to woman.

 Adrianna Yariqa Women Empowerment Collections is now available online on Fashion Valet dot com. When Fashion meet charity, a portion of proceeds will be handed to NIA Unity for Tabung Yayasan Palestine Negara. Let's show your support and look stylish in their new collection! Head on over to their website to shop. 

Something to bring back home. Adrianna Yariqa Hoodie In Green with drawstring hoodie, it's a long sleeves and also attached with functional front pockets. Muchos gracias Fashion Valet!

It's her Dolly Dalilah! She is a beauty, makeup, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Super dazzling in beautiful modest outfits which she pairs with her well styled hijabs. I really love the makeup look!

An amazing and inspirational speech from YB Nurul Izzah on Women Empowerment, NIA Unity and her vision on Tabung Yayasan Palestine Negara. We have to work with one other to empower and assist those in need. 

“Education for young girls, education for young boys and education itself is the way for us to reach a better future.” - YB Nurul Izzah

Part of Women Empowerment collection runway. Your contribution for this collection and NIA Unity will be able to aid the schools of Palestinian Children. Due to the loss of funding from UNRWA, they are unable to receive the education that they deserve. Thus, we aim to push for more of Global citizen to power the future of Palestinian Children. So, lets take a look at thier latest collections.

 Double Tiered Top in Nude

Knotted Dress in Nude

Side Buttoned Vest in Green 

Jumpsuit in Green definately my choices!

Back Buttoned Top and Tapered Pants Set In Nude

Women empowerment is not about self development but a whole nation of women rising to the top. One with Datin Vivy Yusof 8 month heavily pregnant still make time for me.

“We want to empower those who might not be able to empower on their own” - YB Nurul Izzah 

Nurul Izzah Anwar is the current Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh. Her political career began with the creation of the People’s Justice Party (KEADILAN) in 1999 where she played a vital role in its establishment. She currently is on her second term as highest ranking Vice President Elect, as well as the party’s Election Director – a post she holds jointly with Dato Saifuddin Nasution (former Party Secretary General).

Prior to being an MP, Nurul Izzah was and still is a strong proponent of human and civil rights with a special interest in prisoners of conscience; bent on pursuing a holistic reform agenda to expand Malaysia’s democratic space.

She has worked with a number of agencies and institutes on advocacy work, among them are the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (ABIM), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), Women Leaders International Forum (WLIF) and Friedrich- Naumann Stifung (FNS). She has in the past advocated on behalf of Malaysian political prisoners and Malaysian human rights movements at the international level, most notably being an intervention in the main session at the 55th Commission on Human Rights, Geneva.

Would you celebrate challenge to who have not power in their own? Can we make Malaysia in the world most caring and concern nation? Because we are lucky to have better education for our self that Palestinian can't afford to have that.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Face Shop with Cilibling??

Nice place to stay. Great place for having an event here! The Face Shop beauty workshop organized by Eh Magazine held again at The Journal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

So i'm done with my breakfast meal.

Please excuse my bare face! woot woot it's @cilibling. She will be demonstrating a makeup tutorials.

Opening speech by the organizer. So we are about to start.

I'm so honored to be invited again at this event. This is my third time with The Face Shop Malaysia and thank you so much for having me.

The makeups and skin care range. Go live on Instagram @ehmalaysia or watch TV.

 Product used of the day are Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydration Sun. This versatile sun cream protects the skin from both UVA and UVB and works as a mattifying and pore smoothing primer. Second The Therapy Water-Drop Anti-Aging Moisturizing Serum is an ultra moisturizing anti-aging serum is formulated with an anti-aging blending formula using Moisture Drop Processing and Chia Seed Hydrating Toner is a moisture toner that moisture inner skin layer.

Also Chia Seed Water 100. This product is like a essence or a light moisturizer , that has a texture of a serum. A moisturizing lotion that improves suppleness and moisturizes the skin a degree higher with nutrients in organic chia seeds. A moisturizing lotion that restores the skin's innate clear luster.

Spreads onto the skin smoothly without stickiness and is absorbed quickly to prevent skin dryness. Soft suppleness both inside and outside the skin. Organically germinated chia seeds, which draw and absorb moisture, not only hydrate but also nourish the skin to effectively restore suppleness.

Ink Lasting Foundation Slimfit with SPF 30. Fast selling in the market.. oh my gosh.. Main features of this brand new foundation are ‘Light fitting cover complex’ A light-weight, but powerfully fitting formula creates flawless skin. A combination of a skin-brightening red pigment and a crystal-clear, translucent blue pigment creates all-day glow on the face.

The formula expresses smooth & illuminating look without settling into fine lines, containing high molecular moisturizer with its hydrating power increasing as time goes by. So i'm going to finish my makeup session first.

Second session was beads decorating to be a necklace. Just for fun and little gift to bring back home. (Bakal menantu sapa la tuh yang pandai menjahit.. uhuk)

Introducing The Face Shop Yehwadam product range.

The Face Shop Yehwadam Chaeyul Revitalizing product line. Originally from south korea.

Hehe.. last but not least, dapat hadiah Yehwadam Brightening set because i won the best makeup look.. juara bertahan 2 kali berturut-turut ni.. haha.. bangga jap.. tengok makeup kita tu takde la lawa sangat pun, kening tu consultant buatkan iouls mana la reti nak buat kening.. maybe sebab nampak effect muka runcing kot.. Alhamdulillah rezeki nak dapat.. haha.. 

The event has come to the end. It's a lunch time now and i really missed this grilled chicken breast with cream mustard sauce. So yummy like no others.

Kind of heavy lunch.. Happy tummy..

No need to shy away from up-close look, flawless look long-lasting foundation that melts into your skin! Are you agree with me?

Take the make up out under the sunlight.. i like this foundation that not oxidizing even for the long hours wear.

Jujur la kalau tak lawa makeup look ni bagitau jur.. sis tak sentap pun..

Thank you Blu Inc for the freebies except the magazine. Haha.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Afeef takes Bandung Part 3

View from the hotel on day 2... Hotel kitorang stay ni nama dia Pasar Baru Hotel.. haha, building dekat luar tu padat sunggoh! a bit messier. Well kepadatan penduduk di Indonesia pun tinggi.. citezen dia juta-juta.. So, what do you expect for?

From here,  the only things yang tersergam indah is Masjid.. Subhanallah.. tapi hampir subuh gajah jugak pagi tadi, maklum lah bilik hotel kan sejukkk.. lupa nk slowkan aircond.. but i like it tho.. hahaha

Breakfast at the hotel.. Menu breakfast still okay.. tekak boleh terima and perut pun boleh hadam lagi.

Early morning, ada bubur for breakfast.. 

But ni je favourite afeef, unless cereal, any food yang related with butter, chocholate and peanut memang farourite dia sangat-sangat.. dia suka la ratah macam tu je.. adoii nak.. berapa kali dia tambah..

Only in Indonesia. roti spread with chocolate rice. Seronokkan Afeef jumpa menu baru.. dia pun suka makanan dekat indonesia.. semua kena je dengan tekak dia.. well, Afeef pun kalau bab makan, dia sejenis yang tolak batu dan kayu.. dah besar ni, dia bukan sejenis picky eater except benda tu pedas takde la dia nak makan.. perut budak pun mana tahan sangat...lagipun kan.. Afeef kadang bibik yang jaga.. huhu.. dah pernah merasa makan masakan orang sana.. huhu.. sedih mak.. 

Today is the time for shopping... hotel kitorang stay depan je dengan Pasar Baru.. shopping heaven dekat situ.. tapi bukan sejenis shopping mall.. dia lebih kurang macam GM Klang la.. cuma old bulding.. 3 juta untuk shopping cukup kot? Hahaha.. marasa gak jadi jutawan pergi indon ni..

Dekat Pasar Baru ni, ada pulak guide yang tolong bawak kitorang shopping or recommend cari barang dekat kedai mana yang lebih murah.. bukan tu je, nanti diorang yang akan tolong bawakkkan barang-barang weouls semua. First-first sekali pergi tengok-tengok telekung.. tengok-tengok je pun..  rembat jugak 5 pasang.. hahaha..

telekung travel memang iouls nak cari sangat.. alang-alang dah sampai bandung kan? senang kalau nak pergi travel or jalan-jalan ke.. takyah bawak luggage besar-besar buat berat beban je.. nak pegang Afeef lagi kan.. ahaha.. tengok tu behave je dia melayan perasaan while mama shopping..

Bermacam-macam jenis and telekung gred Siti Khadijah pun ada.. dari murah sampai mahal.. kualiti cotton biasa-biasa ke kualiti baik punya pun ada.. tu belum jenis sulam dan warna-warna lagi.. but not legit collections please bare in mind ye.. hahaha..

Only in Bandung drink ni.. ada yang kata ada dekat Malaysia.. entah la.. tak pernah tengok plak ioulss ada dekat sini.. sedappp ni rasa teh la.. mcm Chrysanthemum tea tu.. tapi lagi sedap, kurang manis i loike.

See masa sis nak ushar-ushar kain owner kedai siap rasuah budak-budak dengan makanan dan air.. Haha suka gila la Afeef favourite makanan dia kacang tu ada depan mata.. makan tak berhenti.. mak pulak senang hati nak shopping.. pilih-pilih sampai tak terpilih.. hahaha

Pilihan lace cantik tak? tapi tak hantar lagi mana-mana tailor nak buat baju.. ahaha ntah bila la nak buat.. tunggu raya lagi dua tahun kot.. ahaha.. beli je lebih.. buat nya tak.

Pilihan kain batik.. tapi sis tak beli pun.. haritu pergi langkawi dah borong.. walaupun tak sama jenis batik dia, but for me batik is batik.. and still batik.. hahahaha.. So, dekat sini kita fokus cari kain lace je ye..

pilihan kain cotton ni best.. rambang mata nak pilih..

Nampak tak corak ala pucci tu.. kain cotton warna purple biru yang sis pegang tu.. omg! sis ada kain tu, dah buat baju pun.. dah selalu sangat pakai beli bertahun-tehun lepas.. tak sangka berjodoh lagi jumpa dekat bandung..

Terus kurang sikit mood nak membeli sebab fikir ni mesti corak yang dah lama-lama punya.. adeh.. kurang-kurang pun, sis punya plastic beg paling banyak.. hahaha. bengang je member. ye la.. sis kalau berjalan beringat jugak nak belikan something dekat Mak, Ayah, Adik, Adik Ipar, Adik kepada Adik Ipar, anak buah and member office.. hah nasib tak belikan untuk satu kampung.

Sampai dekat hotel, assistant yang bawakkan barang kitorang shopping tadi tu letak semua dekat lobby hotel.. masa nak collect barang masing-masing, tetiba perasan satu bungkusan aku takda ! hoho.. kain lace aku hilang pulakk.. Mujur jumpa balik.. termasuk dekat beg member punya.. lepas tu dia label nama sis tah ape tah.. tak wujud nama tu dalam ahli rombongan pun.. nasib jumpa, kalau tak jumpa memang sis taknak bagi tips dekat diorang. hee..

Bersambung part 4

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