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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest

Hello and welcome back to Lazada Online Blogger Contest! The beginning of November is a special month for me and the whole family. Month of my father's birthday, I wish to win this contest and part of it a as special present for the best man in the world.

I'm done with Bahasa on my previous post and i think i should have a try on English too! I'm so excited to announce you the new rotation on Lazada that will take place from 11 November to 14 December 2017 Lazada Online Revolution. So, join me to counting at https://www.lazada.com.my/online-revolution/

How special is that? Yes, its so special because for the whole month, you will be served with all sorts of exclusive deals and offers! In addition to, you can shop products and items from a wide array of categories with ease through your desktop/laptop or your mobile app. And also, you will stand a chance to enjoy special money-saving deals and discounts that you will not get from any other sales!

By the way, i need to answer some question from Lazada:

a. Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how was your experience?

Yes. Hello Kitty Phone casing for IPhone 5S on the year 2014 and i forget already the email ID registered for Lazada. Actually, it was so good and super convenient because before this i used to go and find at several shop and keep repeating because they always out of stock. Suddenly i give up, just search on google and it lead to the link of Lazada websites.

b. Which types of products would you prefer buying online?

All types of product even intangible goods just like Credit Reload (top-up) but most of the time i'm looking for Clothing and Electronics item but don't worry much! Lazada always keep the goods arrived safely and packing very well. The price, cheaper and fewer than sold by the physical stores. Believe me.

c. What to you love about online shopping?

I love the price offered, most of the time Lazada give the cheap deals and better prices compared to the other stores and some products come directly from the manufacturer or seller. So, i can enjoy much more discounts without incurred the additional cost or expenses. So, dont missed our date on 11 November to 14 Disember 2017.

So many variety of products i get especially from several brands either from the international or local trends without spending money on travel. All at one place only Lazada and it less time consuming.

d. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during the Online Revolution sales?

The most essentials for my new life series and important for enhancing our quality of life. I plan to buy Panasonic Air Purifier PSN-FPXJ30AHM uses Nanoe Technology during the sales. It's an air filter with dirt sensor and basically it can removes bacteria, viruses and bad smells.

I dream of clean and fresh environment living because air nowadays are exposes to the pollution and changes in weather affects health focuses.

My number one wishlist for a healthier life. Perfect for my family, right daddy? How about you? Finish the entry and It's time to submit the contest. Wish me luck. Also, I would like to invite all of the bloggers, and follower to join this contest. Attractive prize to win guys!

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