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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ice Bucket Aummm

Ice Bucket offers not only delicate menu specially created by their chef, their Signature Ice Bucket itself is unique to make you craves for more.. How to combat the heat? Yes! With their Hot Seller item, Signature Ice Bucket ! Comes in 3 flavors - Strawberry, Chocolate and Fruity! So irresistible
RM29.90.. boleh makan dalam 6 - 7 orang tau.. sebab ia besar.. dan sangat besar..

If you think that their ice bucket is too much, they have a smaller version. They have mini ice bucket too if you come alone! Their parfait comes in 3 flavors, exactly like their signature! So, ini version kecik sikit

Other than ice cream, they have pasta, burger and dessert too

so... tempting...

but for me,  only tapau version because...

Daripada mengeluh tak dapat tempat duduk.. orang ramai.. beratur panjang.. Take away sahaja lah..
Tak stress tunggu lama.. Tak payah nak complain sangat-sangat.. Tunggu dah habis musim viral nanti lenggang sikit lah tu.. boleh la.. sekadar untuk merasa kan?

 They have 2 outlets now:
- Aeon, Ipoh Klebang
- Aeon, Shah Alam

So, feel free to drop by and try it out!


  1. hee yg kat aeon klebang yui xpnh merasa lg..

  2. wahh mcm sedap je..menarik ni.paling dekat aeon klebang.boleh try nti :)
    jemput follow sy diyanaasraf.blogspot.com


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