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Friday, April 01, 2016

Sk-ii with Yuna

Big thanks to Cosmopolitan Malaysia magazine for the announcement.. glad to hear that! ow em jie.. big opportunity for me and partners to bring back the gifts worth RM400 with signatures of the ambassador, Yunalis Zarai.. so, party time!!! 

its a wrap! getting ready to go.. takleh touch-up lelebih.. nanti Husna Mustaffa takleh cari makan.. (lempang diri laju-laju)

Hearing from SK-ii the brand new Genoptic Aura Essence and Spot Essence

The event is on and its going at Suria KLCC Centre Court. Could you catch me at the #auragoals flatlays challenge? whoaa.. rearrange, snap and uploads as many photos with your own creativity. 

This is how zeeralily's touch looks like

decorate the genoptic aura essence and spot essence.. but then, flatlay challenge go wrong... 
so untalented! pity me... pfftttt

complementary aura drinks at the party

they touch about the beauty bite.. so what is inside the box? identify your skin problems

3 normal phenomena :

One : Over expose to the sun could tan your skin like a macaroon.. dull, dark and burn out your skin

Two : You might not realize inside the skin and epidermic layers. look perfect but deep inside was horrible. Imagine like nice beautiful cupcakes but full chia seed inside

Three : like the marshmallow on top. the problems pop up to the skin thus block your skin's aura

Host by Aisyah Sinclairs and Yuna as the special apprearance, she's coming straight away from LA to Malaysia.. Really can't imagine the twenty long hours flights just to join the event.

Yuna did share her #changedestiny story on how taking charge of her life have brought her to where she is today! "My future self is definitely going to thank me for starting on GenOptics now. I like the texture of both GenOptics Aura and Spot Essences and how easily they are absorbed into my skin" said her from Cosmopolitan.my Instagram

live performing and i was so impress listening to her singing.. great.. great.. great performance! 
So lucky to get the chance to meet Yuna and enjoyed her new single called Crush for the first time in Malaysia and wish Usher were here too. She did very well and best support from her fans..

An essential collection of three of SK-II’s bestsellers to begin the skin’s journey towards crystal clarity. Discover a life-changing skincare regimen beginning with the signature Pitera™ rich Facial Treatment Essence, complemented by the clarifying Clear Lotion. It also includes the favorite Facial Mask for an unforgettably indulgent moisturizing experience. Used together, skin becomes significantly clearer, firmer, and more radiant in 14 days

exclusive with Yuna's sign



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