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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Face Shop Makeup

last saturday at Cosmo Beauty Masterclass untuk pelajari tip penjagaan kulit dan  solekan daripada pakar The Face Shop ok.. ilmu baru dan bermanfaat untuk saya gali ni.. ehehe.. now, presenting to you.. the new range of The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion and CC Intense Cover Cushion.. oh my god.. why i am never heard that before? malu tau sebab rasa outdated sangat makcik nih.. sobs

before we started into the face shop makeup ni.. let me introduce sikit.. The Face Shop is the only brand that shares the benefit of natures and yes sesuai untuk all skin type variant.. but advisable to go to their shop and get advise which product suits you well with their expertise
first step u have to do, remove all the makeup (dirt) menyesal pulak touch-up mase nak keluar tadi tak pasal kena buang balik.. huahahaha... i is redho je la..

next, apply Chia Seed Watery Lotion - The miraculous seed from South America.
Fungsi dia adalah: A moisturizing lotion that improves suppleness and gives fresh moisture and softness. Strong water absorbing 
Abilities: absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water

Kandungan dia contains more than 30% of dietary fiber: the ability to live in very dry environments. Uses organic chia seeds (with Fresh extraction method within 24 hours). Formula without 7 additives (paraben, benzophenone, aritificial anti-oxidant, alcohol, sulphate, acrylamide, and triethanolamine). Dermatologist tested.

the must have item CC Intense Cover Cushion applying by dap.. dap.. and daping at your face 
easy as a b c!

makeup artist helping out to take over the makeover session.. this is when i wearing the shading and highlights

eyebrow drawing.. ahaha..  honestly best sangat sebab dia siap dengan brush.. hujung pencel hujung brush.. senang sangat nak bawa kemana-mana.. bila dah draw boleh terus kemaskan.. 
kemaskan lagi sikit with the brush

then, apply the lipstick..inside lips area technique.. so, jadilah Korean-inspired makeup look can go with it oh.. so natural and feeling loved
this will be my first ever cc cushion and i loving in!

what is CC INTENSE COVER CUSHION all about actually? 

its an advanced new cushion that has the color control functions of  CC Cream and the moisturizing abilities of cushion foundation for long-lasting moisture without any tautness and radiance without any darkening. CC Intense Cover Cushion is good for a customer who wants perfect, flawless skin without flakiness or clumping. This product is clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture & Coverage effects. It provides strong coverage effect which even hides blemishes and greatly adheres to the skin without heavy feeling or clumping. 

Major ingredients:
Contains flower complex of 7 kinds of flower oil
Almond oil – improve skin texture
Calendula & Rose oil – improve Skin regeneration
Borage Oil – Anti inflammation, skin protection
Rosemary Oil - Anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation
German Chamomile & Lavender oil - Anti-inflammation, soothing

Features & benefits:
Available in two shades, V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige
25hour-lasting moisture & Coverage effects
Intense coverage on blemishes & flaws.
Greatly adheres to the skin without heavy feeling or clumping.
Flower essential formula that contains 7 different flower oil essences for bright skin expression.
Light weight texture

for more review, untuk lebih jelas dan faham product, function and its features boleh visit blog the most famous beauty blogger ni sabby prue.. seronok bace dia share macam-macam info


  1. kalau The Face Shop SA suka aloe ver gel dia..mekap lain belum cuba lagi...nanti nak skodeng jugak la...

    1. yup brg dia semua bagus.. organic base like aloe vera.. chia seed and many more..

  2. Brg2 faceshop nmpak cm best tp blum ade yg terbeli lg..hihi

    1. u should try the CC cushion cover.. recommended! tak perlu fondation, powder lagi... seriously.. ehhehehe

  3. ehhh baru perasan you link my review in my blog, thanks dear <3 Nice meeting you :)

    1. I really love ur review sabby.. sangat2 details and best (thumbs up)
      nice meeting u to.. very nice and kind =)

  4. Assalam kak. Maaf nak tanya, kandungan dlm produl cc cushion foundation The Face Shop ni mmg animal-deribed free ka?
    Nak tau Halal ke tidak sbnrnya sbb tak jumpa lagi mana2 blog yg bgtau pasal content produk The Face Shop ni. Saya mmg berminat nak beli cc cushion tu.


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