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Friday, May 06, 2016

Eh! Syle Me Up please (Fashion)

Fashion by Kree

Kree is a local fashion label launched on 27 March 2013, endowed by two prodigious women, Reni Diana & Norhalida Saharwho shares common interest in cultivating young talents and new business opportunities.

 “Kree” has no linguistic meaning but it annotates the fashion values of freedom, sassy and easy in each design that Kree embodies. Looking at the growing trend of online shopaholics, Kree launches its very owned online shopping portal at www.kree.my . Kree women are not afraid to take a leap in what they wear and how they wear it. 

Kree provides a whole new journey to the local fashion lovers, with the tagline "Fashion Escapade”. For more information about Kree please contact us at:-

 To Shop, visit their webpage  :  www.kree.my

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kreeofficial

Twitter     : @kree_my

Instagram  : @kree_my

chosen to be in style of hot and sexy in dark attire.. so, im gonna try it out!

ahakss.. im wearing classic piece Fiena Top

with the model Amoi Lina

other Kree's collection... sweet sangat kan diorang dengan fesyen Kree

acah-acah backstage runway.. 

p/s : more official photo updete soon 

1 comment:

  1. Kurus cantik pakai apa pun menarik..btw mmg nice la top yg sis pakai..


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