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Friday, May 06, 2016

Eh! Syle Me Up please (Skin Basic)

Skin Care & Makeup by Laneige

A promise to keep Laneige customers' skin moist & healthy. A promise to study 'water' to maintain hydrated skin from elements threatening to keep skin moist (dryness, stress, pollution etc.) Implemet from the korean beauty.. kalau kite tengok kat tv tu muka diorang sentiasa shine and glowing... tak kering dan kusam.. nampak cerah secara semulajadi.. whoaaa.. siapa tak nak kan? secomei mulus kulit orang korea.. ok mari kita try produk diorang.. sesuai ke tidak.. 

What is Laneige?
Laneige is one of the fastest growing premium cosmetic brands which completes the beauty of women by pursuing the artistic sensibility of Water Science to help women achieve the radiant, dewy skin they have always longed for. Laneige Water Science is the basis to address your skin needs. 
The name, which means "snow" in French, encapsulates the powerful hydration benefits of the brand, with intensive research by Laneige scientists to distill patented Water Science technology that is incorporated into all Laneige products. Laneige scientifically studies ‘water’, the source of life and the most important element of healthy skin, for optimal hydration and moisturization. 
Discover a rejuvenated beauty awakening in skincare and makeup with Laneige.

the skin care range

Basic Line
Water Bank
Hydra Solution
White Plus Renew
Pore Care
Perfect Renew
Sun Care
Special Care 

the makeup range

Eyebrow Pencil
Lip Gloss
Lip Tint
Lip Balm

First thing first to clean all dirt's.. using the Laneige skin care
cleanser foam based that very gentle to your skin
tada.. bersih tak muka? omg.. lighting kuning.. sakit pulak hati..

next, apply the makeup... ok ada step-step tertentu.. sure semua tahu on how to apply the basic makeup right? so.. no need to explain further ye.. ye.. i ouls tak banyak masa nak menaip..

ok, now.. makeup ready look..

Laneige completes the beauty of women by pursuing the artistic sensibility of water science. Be waterful everyday with Laneige for healthy, hydrated skin! Nampak fresh and pinkiesh tak muka guna product Laneige ni? Boleh komen kat bawah ye..

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