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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sugarscarf Escapade 2016

Event ni dah lepas lama tapi biasa lah.. tunggu senggang baru nak buat entry.. sebelum bulan puasa hari tu, 27 Mei 2016 hari Jumaat bertemakan White and Gold setting Resort Style, event ini bertujuan untuk meraikan kejayaan Sugarscarf ke dalam persada fesyen antarabangsa dengan Sugarscarf London Fashion Showcase tahun lalu. 

Sugarscarf, one of the pioneering brands for elegant and luxurious scarves, recently celebrated “Sugarscarf Escapade 2016” at Metal Bees Production House 

Motif event ini juga untuk meraikan semua wanita dari all walks of life terutamanya mereka yang setia dengan jenama ini. So, Sugarscarf nak bagi surprise semua tetamu dan pelanggan setia mereka dengan hadiah dan cenderahati bernilai sehingga RM25,000 (Lucky Draw, so bad that i dint won anything at this event.. huhu pity me)

With its white-and-gold-themed party, this event was held in conjunction with its successful debut into the international fashion scene last year at the Sugarscarf London Fashion Showcase. It has since launched its online store in the UK and to further establish the brand’s position in London Market, this coming September 2016, Sugarscarf will come up with special new looks and collection launch that will make the UK fans excited!

Before the event started, for early bird passes are entitle to watch free makeup demo and makeup test

while the demo is on!

i give a try to the products..

the lookss.. oh my god, beautiful, glowing yet flawless finished.. 

ok, lets support URBAN DECAY

The event started, lets have a selfie with the BFF, Fieya.. welcoming us with the beautiful yellow roses

As Malaysians, we are proud to bring our local brand to the international market as it is a stepping stone for us to expand our products to other countries as well. The evening to remember features some of the most exquisite scarves with a series of luxury printed collections that were revealed during the elegant runway showcase including the iconic Madison design.

Crafted with the highest quality of material, each design is infused with the signature classic and sophisticated elements that are exclusive to Sugarscarf.

Event Started

HOPE by SUGARSCARF merupakan scarf yang baharu dan specially-designed di mana sebahagian dari hasil jualan scarf ini akan disalurkan ke charity yang memberi fokus untuk memberi hidup yang lebih baik buat anak-anak yang tidak mendapat bekalan air yang bersih. 

Lebih 100 orang jemputan yang dijemput untuk event ini antaranya termasuk selebriti tempatan, personaliti dan fashionista seperti Vivy Yusof, Mizz Nina dan Belle Yahya dari Bella Ammara. Para jemputan dihiburkan dengan persembahan  dari Mafarikha Akhir dan Kumpulan Akasia.      

two girls from the right are shortlisted as the Face of Sugarscarf.. really need your vote for them.
from left are : @intanawahid , @fieya_haniff , @zeeralily , @nisashasha ,  @farahdiyana

The Founder of Sugarscarf Nur Atiqah Sulaiman or nama glamer dia Eyqa Sulaiman

ok puan tanah kedaung nak pose jugak

memorable event with fashionista, Vivy Yusof.. something to capture and remembered

me and Vivy like a twin isnt it? (please muntah)

kalau korang kenal ni la staff Sugarscarf Shah Alam yang paling omel.. cantik betul scarve baru Sugarscarf ni, Madisson Twilight,, satin lembut two tone colour.. with two design inner.. round inner and the signature of sugarscarf, criss cross inner.. si omel ni pakai round inner.. ohsem juga kan?

Sugarscarf Black Shawl as a special gift pada tetamu yang datang.

The event was successfully supported by Urban Decay Cosmetics, Sunsilk, L’Occitane, Swarovski, Invalise, Himalaya, Sugarbelle Cosmetics, Bason Shah Alam, Kayangan Gallery and many more. Thank You for the bring back home goodies.


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