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Monday, August 01, 2016

CLEO x KOSE Master Beauty

Sekkisei’s promise of beautiful, translucent skin is best captured by the image of a dazzling field of fresh snow. Sekkisei’s beautiful lazuline bottle was designed to evoke the image of a medicine bottle. Back then, oriental herbal ingredients was rarely used in cosmetic products. Today, the brand continues to be cherished by women in Asia – and increasingly, the world – who are especially passionate about attaining beautiful translucent skin.

the product range.. they got skin cares and makes up.. so im gonna try it out.. Kose product was created from herbs ingredient.. normally suits for any skin types.. While trying it out based on the demo. i explain a little bit what the product is all about.

Introducing the Sekkisei Series

Sekkisei Clear Cleansing Oil 

A cleansing oil compounded with oriental herbal ingredients that cleanses deep into your pores for increased translucency. Features : Thoroughly removes stubborn makeup, sebum and pore-clogging debris to create clear, fine-textured skin. Washes away roughness around the nostrils and chin, and protects the skin's moisture while removing sallowness. Gentle and relaxing scent for a pleasant cleansing experience. Texture : The Deep Clear Formula is compounded with a non-sticky oil that feels light, with a dry touch. Spreads readily and washes off easily.

White Liquid Wash 

A mild cleansing wash that removes impurities without stripping the skin of its moisture. Features : Contains emollient taurine-based cleansing agents that gently cleanse and hydrate the skin.
Rubus Suavissimus Extract soothes skin from damage inflicted by UV rays. It also brings out skin’s natural healthy glow and translucency by removing dead skin cells and impurities which cause dullness. Restores skin to its optimal condition, preparing it for the next step of skincare. Texture : Soft, foamy texture with a relaxing and refreshing scent that feels gentle on skin.

Sekkisei Lotion  

A refreshing lotion that enhances skin translucency. Trusted and adored by legions of fans since 1985.
Features : Improves skin’s texture, reduces pigmentation, and freckles and refines pore troubles. Penetrates deeply into skin and enhances skin's metabolism to prevent dullness. Instantly brightens skin tone, creating an even glow.
Texture : The watery texture gives a cooling and refreshing sensation.

Sekkisei Emulsion

A whitening emulsion that maintains the skin's ability to retain moisture. Features : Formulated with Moisture Balance Polymers to maintain the skin's moisture-retaining balance against ambient air.
Inhibits melanin production and prevents freckles, darks spots and dry rough skin caused by UV rays. Gives long-lasting hydration for the skin. Texture : Highly emollient formula that works deep into skin without any stick after-feel.

Sekkisei White CC Cream SPF50

A whitening CC Cream – based on SEKKISEI's concept of creating skincare-oriented products to create fine-textured, hydrated translucent skin like snow.  Features : Formulated with Sekkisei's moisturizing ingredients to hydrate the skin throughout wear, while thoroughly covering problem areas. Just apply this after lotion for an easy, "no-makeup" makeup look that feels translucent and just like bare skin. Six effects in a single item: serum, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, makeup base, and foundation.

effects that create translucency

Hydration: The carefully selected oriental plant extracts deliver excellent hydration to the skin. Conditions the skin: Contains Snow Hydration Essence. An oil that fits snugly over the skin while retaining water, it delivers hydration while preventing evaporation as well as roughness in the skin. 

Protection: Blocks UV rays with SPF50 protection, preventing blemishes and freckles due to sunburn.

Coverage: Contains Snow Crystal Powder for an exquisite soft-focus effect that makes your skin appear soft, airy and glowing. Simultaneously has the ability to naturally cover pores and uneven coloring while appearing like there's no makeup on. The powder won't look darker even when exposed to sebum, maintaining a beautiful skin tone.

Long-lasting: Formulated with Amino Acid Coat Powder which fits snugly over the skin and helps makeup last longer. The powder particles line up neatly along the surface of the skin, creating a thin cosmetic veil and a translucent look.

Demo and some tips on the models while presenting the use of products.

'we' having a try and test the textures of the products. It was nice and very seducing with the smell of herbs.. Feeling that i am living with the nature, use of natural resources the keeping the environment always heath and fresh!

goodies comes the product set for bring back.. to continue your skin and face cares.

before last, see.. i bring along this kid (toddler actually) so, cant focus at the event.. fffttt..

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