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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Her Worlds Beauty Event

Again, with The Face Shop Malaysia

place at the KL Journal

The Gallery

A versatile multi-function space with floor-to ceiling glass doors that open out on to lush green views of The Terrace. It is perfect for small to mid-size events. Depending on room set up, it can be divided into two smaller rooms by a sound proof divider for greater flexibility.

yeah.. with new my BFF.. new? haha.. kawan lama la actually, iouls kan orang yang selalu buzy, kadang tak sempat nak bertegur sapa and hangout dengan kawan-kawan lama.. dari facebook & Instagram la kitaorang connect balik.. boleh masuk sebab kitorang ada minat yang sama. sama-sama feminin dan sweet.. muahahaha

selfie memanjang lah kerja kau

This event had introducing the new arrival of skin care range :
The Therapy First Serum & The Therapy Anti-aging No Shine Hydrating Cream thus be the special prize for contest of the day. For best Makeup Look and another one for the Pop Quizzes about the new arrival products. So, please pay the attention.

The Therapy Anti-aging No Shine Hydrating Cream

A clear gel moisture cream that delivers rich moisture to the skin and also controls shine and relieves the inner dryness of skin for anti-aging care. Formula without additives. 
Size : 50ml

Main ingredients:
  • Oat seeds + lavender + wild rose + sweet basil leaves 
  • Sebum control complex 
  • Evening primrose + pine needles + elm tree + arrowroot: effective for sebum control 
Features & Benefits:
  • replenish skin with moisture, and control shine while also relieving the inner dryness of skin
  • anti-wrinkle 
  • 10 FREE from additives 

not only skin care, makeup up product also should have a try again.. wah, I love it

take note please!

the eyeshadows

eyebrow drawing

eyeliner applying

the lighting was sooooo bright

hello lovelies, why are u so pretty?

next session was cupcakes decorating

her art

ok, its mine. they said, my decoration paling cantik tau...

lets close up

another 1 chocolate

guest what? i'am winning the best makeup look..

strike a pose with the event organizer..
Thank you so much for inviting and book a seat for me and my BFF dear..

the refreshment, having lunch at the Bounty Café

some #ootd (outfit of the day) shoot at Pavi



Thank you for the freebie, The Face Shop and Her World Magazine


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