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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Chic Traveler

25 January 2017 the night event by Sugarscarf at Flora Terrace Hampshire KL. Credit to Sugarscarf Instagram photo and if uols visit my IG banyak tag Sugarscarf ni really and i like the theme! Pelancaran Sugarscarf Escapade 2017 bertemakan " CHIC TRAVELLER " Scarf ekslusif khas untuk menghargai setiap wanita yang sentiasa menyokong Sugarscarf! But not only scarf, also The Glow Foundation new release from The Lashes Legacy. 

Yeah, Its me and all Sugarscarf fans.

 Most favourite Kak Sue Admin of Sugarscarf Lovers Group.. at the back, my BFF Maui

Part of Summer Sassy Style ideas

for The Chic Traveler
at Sugarscarf Escapade 2017

Look around these hashtag on Instgram:

 The 24 new collection in 2017

Square Escapade

senang je nak identify, square have Border

Long Escapade

Semuanya cantik... menangis tengok.. limited edition colors. Mine like the golden beauty, cream caramel, blush pink, cupcakes, neutral me & herbal mist.. uish.. banyak gila.. habis punoh tabung ayam..


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