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Monday, March 13, 2017

Fahion Valet site sucks?

Note : Please read my little Luahan Rasa

 To be truth, I'm not that kind of girl into fashion and shopping. No, not at all. Cannot. Its because I didn't get any fund to spend from my parent when I was in college (I mean university) But thank god I've got enough food and still living in a happy, peace family, complete shelter not even need to wakeup so early preparing meal and also doing housework! Lousy! So called heaven when your mom is a fulltime housewife and you are the only princess in the house... LOL

Finishing studies. Graduating. Find job. Earn own money. At the same time people nowadays living in a social lifestyle through gadget and media, online network (no choice because you must update with the new environment) everybody is on internet! With the smartphone apps I found Fashion Valet and #vivyootd on Instagram right after her blog http://www.proudduck.com/ At this time, I manage to look around what are really trending and the best of Instagram.
 Online shop are too convenient and easy! No barriers, no rush, without hassle and accessible at any time or place, delivery till your doorsteps. Doing all at fingertips. Omg. More or less you will 'terjebak juga' with it. I found this 'sucks' add http://www.fashionvalet.com/ (fv) and I didn't realize that I love this site.

The 20th++ parcel and I cant remember the day I click proceed to checkout even it is yesterday. Suddenly, its on my table. Its very easy and simple as I forget when is the last time I shop online. However, sometimes fv sucks and make me loose my temper when the several item is out of stock! To avoid this, I set on notification at Instagram. So yeah, I will always keep updated with the new arrival item, sales or any promotions! For certain cases, fv gives full refund with extra credits. Thank you so much love! Fv second sucks problems are web crash. Normally because of high traffic where basically for new hot item release on web. Now I know, there are so much fan and purchaser on fv especially on DUCK brand. So, I cant do anything on this crash but before things, I will make sure that to get enough sleep later on I can stay all night long on the computer to BATTLE  DUCK new in stock. Ha ha ha ha..

 For additional info, all item are free postage! Tops, bottoms, skirts, kurungs, shawls and makeups are now my necessities. Happy that I can found it all in one place only. Eyes on the all outfit at fashion valet. To fashionable too. Vivy really have a great taste! Yeah that's my first ever jumpsuits! Of course suits my sizes. Those word in box are the referral for what brand.

#ootd hari raya, last year raya outfit.. I love that semi instant satin shawls from Sugarscarf attached with crisscross inner. Most of the famous brand are available at fv. Peplum? too much in it okay.

Look out my Instagram : azirah_xx for more.
Simple click the brand, automatically linked to their Instagram page.

Vivy style in white.. I totally no confident with all white. After so many times shopping online, I like to see their physical store I mean the real stores / outlet (for Fashion Valet and Duck Scarves) all located at Pavilion KL and several branch also at Klang Valley areas.

Love Vivy Season 2 showing on Astro at Channel Ria 104 / 123 Ria HD every Monday 9 PM. Please standby in front of TVs by 9 tonight, lovelies.. Can u see the Vivy pose? Memang agak poyo disitu. Vivy versi 2.

Several types of makeups. Skin cares  and personal care range also available.

Special from The Duck Group, they are selling stationeries.

Those hot Item DUCK SCARVES are most hunting and fast selling item which one of the Pink KL Duck recorded as sold out in 5 minutes although selling at price RM800 per pieces. Not in this photo. Above were Pink Mother's Day and White KL Duck. Selfie photo with BFF.

Blouse Collections from Calacara

Naelofar Instant scarf  for meeting sessions. Easy and fast to wear.

 Co-founder of FashionValet and The dUCk Group. VIVY YUSOF (give her big clap please)
Well actually, I'm sucks because always imitate her style.. dang!

- Love, XoXo


  1. Mai belum terjebak lagi dengan duck ni,hehe.maklumlahh penganggur...

  2. hahaha. I thought you're going to complain or something but it turned out that you love the website.
    Happy shopping zeera, followed you here! :)

  3. I adores Vivvy when I start reading proudduck.com. Not only on her fashion sense but altogether how awesome she is as as a businesswoman, a mom and as a blogger. Her writing is just awesome.

  4. sy kagun dengan semangat bisnes Vivy ni. selalu juga stalker ig dia, nak amik aura positif dalam berbisnes

  5. Hai dear..akak singgah sini balas kunjungan..tq sudi singgah blog akak..pergh Vivy... ramai nak jadi macam dia kan.. seronok tgk kejayaan anak melayu..

  6. amboi dik !!! memang kaki FV nih.. hee~ kakak tak boleh masuk website dorang.. menggiggil beg duit.. suami pon dok jeling jek.. hahahaha~

    1. tu la.. ni pun bukan web sorok-sorok kat opis.. tak penah dpn dia..

  7. Selamat melabur di fashion valet.
    Pelaburan online ni


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