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Monday, August 07, 2017

Last part Jejak Jepun

dengan hashtag #zeeratakesjepun dan #vacaywithairasiaX dekat ioul punya personal instagram (boleh guna untuk search) maka hampir ke penghujung cerita percutian ini.. fuhh.. tak rasa penat sebab enjoy dekat Jepun siap rasa tak nak balik pun ada sebab iouls rasa aman dan selamat duduk Jepun.. 

Surrounding of Kanagawa. Its a coastal prefecture just south of Tokyo. To the east is the capital city, Yokohama, home to a large Chinatown lined with food stalls and restaurants. Also in Yokohama are the traditional, landscaped Sankei-en Garden and the Landmark Tower skyscraper with its rooftop garden. ĊŒsanbashi Pier features waterside paths and shops. Northeast is the city of Kawasaki and its Buddhist Kawasaki Daishi temple (copy paste)

Asakusa is a shopping heaven

Nakamise Shopping Street

Hours open depend on the individual shops; typically daily from 9 am to 19 pm

The Nakamise shopping street stretches over approximately 250 meters from Kaminarimon to the main grounds of Sensoji Temple. It is lined by more than 50 shops, which offer local specialties and the usual array of tourist souvenirs.

Nakamise Street is a relatively narrow pedestrian stretch lined with an almost overwhelming volume of small shops and stalls selling everything any Japanophile could ever wish for. Trinkets, clothes, novelty items, traditional street food and snacks, sweets, handicrafts, fabric and a whole lot more are all up for grabs on Nakamise. The best part is, when you finally reach the street’s end, you’re confronted with one of the country’s best-loved temples in all its glory. As said, the street gets pretty busy, especially on weekends, but don’t let that put you off, there is a reason for its popularity. 

Sensoji Temple

Tokyo's oldest and most visited temple founded in 628 when Tokyo was a tiny fishing village on the banks of the Sumida River. Known for its massive Thunder Gate and divine sandals.

sampai tak lalu dah nak makan nasi gemuk dan lauk-pauk... lunch amik dessert je..

free gift sempena mother's day .. tau je iols ni mak-mak

bukan main seronok dekat Asakusa Kannon, Senso-ji ni

burung pun dah diajar jadi pembersih tak berak merata-rata.. haha

The damages, so i'm broke especially when i'm back to Malaysia.

Yokohama Yamashita Park visit but no all areas. The Minato Garden having Garden Necklace Tokohama 2017 event.

Yamashita Park is a public park that stretches about 750 meters along Yokohama's waterfront. The park is about a hundred meters wide, and consists mostly of open green space. It was constructed after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

The Minato Garden is aimed to represent the combination of Yokohama’s history and future. The Yamashita Park will also be lit up every night so you can enjoy the illuminated rose arches, creating a magical atmosphere within the park that can only be enjoyed at Yokohama this time of year.

Symbol garden: Garden's Bear character. So cute.

Tempat ni ala-ala macam Port Klang je tempat iouls selalu dating dulu-dulu Datang tempat ni untuk makan seafood or ikan bakar.. paling famous dekat KL nun.. cuma Port Klang tak de park or garden yang macam lawa-lawa ni.. bangla endon je banyak..


night view.. in front of Decks Tokyo Beach

last steps.. time ni dah sedih dah nak tinggalkan jepun.. best tau kat sini.. macam takde orang jahat

canggih dan bersih toilet airport dia.. wc (sitting) tu kering sentiasa sebab dia keluar haba panas more to sterilize la.. hygienic sungguh..

Narita Airport for flight departure.

heaven gila airport gate ada port usb.. harap ada juga kat Malaysia

before departure

dah malam kebulur pulak.. so, lepas makan tido balik.. tapi tu la.. nasi lemak dia masin. huhu next time taubat nak order lagi.. huhu.. setakat ini je kisah ke jepun.. see story lain-lain next time pulak.. tengok la mana iouls nak pergi kan? hihi


  1. wuhuhuhu...sioknya.. jelous pula hehehe... harap dapat p travel kat sana juga

  2. Wahhhh seronoknya...inshaAllah one fine day =)

    1. inshaallah.. semoga allah permudahkan dear


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